Henry Paulson's Memoir Is a Cautionary Tale

Henry Paulson's just-published memoir "On the Brink" recalls the financial crisis as it unfolded in the fall of 2008. Far from a gossipy tell-all, it devotes the bulk of its pages to the cautionary tale of how the world's financial system nearly collapsed -- and what he tried to do about it.

Hot Lights Back on Sarah Palin

True to her roots as an ex sports anchor, Sarah Palin is back on TV. Her chat with Bill O'Reilly on FOX News on Tuesday was the former Alaska governor's debut as a correspondent with the network. She used the appearance to trash her recent "60 Minutes" profile she said she hadn't seen.

Sarah Palin Heads to Fox News

What will Sarah Palin do now? The question remained open since she quit as Alaska's governor in July, until Monday afternoon, when The New York Times uncovered one answer: She's becoming a contributor to Fox News.

Sarah Palin's stylist speaks out

In case you've been living under an enormous, soundproof rock this week: Sarah Palin is back. And she's everywhere you turn, promoting her tell-all...