Hate Paying $4 a Gallon for Gas? For Imported, You're Paying $8

When gas prices hit $4 at the pump earlier this summer, a lot of motorists were crying, "Uncle!" They'd be crying all the louder if they realized those first four bucks didn't cover half of it. It's just that the remainder is hidden in your tax bill.

How to Stitch Cotton Into Your Portfolio?

Among the questions investors now face: How much rally is left in cotton since skyrocketing 171% already in a year? Among the variables to consider are weather, demand and how much more land gets devoted to cotton. Analysts point to better and worse ways to play this commodity.

UAE and RIM Resolve BlackBerry Dispute

The United Arab Emirates will not suspend BlackBerry services next week as threatened. The UAE and Canadian smartphone maker Research In Motion have resolved their dispute over access to email and other data.

Pakistan Floods Destroyed $2.9 Billion of Agricultural Products

The floods in Pakistan caused 250 billion rupees ($2.9 billion) of damage to crops such as sugar cane, cotton and rice. The waters destroyed 700,000 acres of planted cotton and 200,000 acres each of rice and sugar cane, Mohammed Ibrahim Moghul, chairman of farmers%u2019 group Agri Forum Pakistan, told Bloomberg News.

Pakistan Threatens to Block Anti-Islamic Web Content

Pakistan plans to monitor Google and its YouTube site, as well as Yahoo, Amazon, and Microsoft's MSN, Hotmail and Bing for anti-Islamic content, saying it will block links to certain content on those sites if it deems it necessary.