Three Stocks Set to Gain Strength on Euro Weakness

As European markets sell off indiscriminately, there are bargain stocks to be found. We screened for beaten-down, big-cap multinationals in the eurozone (trading on U.S. exchanges) that should benefit from currency weakness. Here they are.

Oracle's Larry Ellison Is Highest-Paid CEO of 2009

It may not be big money by hedge-fund compensation standards, but billionaire Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, topped the rankings of the highest-paid CEOs for 2009 with $84.5 million in total compensation, significantly more than the No. 2 executive on the list.

Oracle Doubles Down on Sun Bet with Hiring Spree

The conventional wisdom was that Oracle would cut jobs when it finally completed its buy-out of Sun Microsystems. But Oracle's offbeat founder Larry Ellison is flouting convention again, instead announcing plans to hire 2,000 people to create and market large computer systems.

EU Approves $7.4 Billion Oracle-Sun Merger

The European Union has spoken. The EU's support of Oracle Corp.'s $7.4 billion acquisition of Sun Microsystems Thursday didn't come as a big surprise but it is no doubt a key moment for the industry -- especially for Sun, the fourth largest maker of server computers.

Does AIG's new CEO deserve $7 million?

Does anyone who can't send a baseball into orbit, create the next hit YouTube video or cure cancer "deserve" to be paid $7 million ? I am not sure.