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Is Comcast Building a 'Tollbooth' to Its Internet Network?

In two separate complaints, Level 3 Communications and Zoom Telephonics are alleging that Comcast is using its position as the nation's largest cable service system to restrict the open nature of the Internet. Comcast has strongly disputed the Level 3 complaint.

How the FCC Bungled Net Neutrality

While often well-intentioned, the agency has watched its own "open Internet policy" slowly, but systematically, crumble over the last five years. Now under Julius Genachowski, the FCC faces an almost no-win situation regarding net neutrality.

Protesters to Google: Don't Be Evil on Net Neutrality

Despite the search giant's defense of its joint plan with Verizon on tiered Internet service, the proposal has stirred up a storm of criticism, with protestors swarming the search giant's Silicon Valley campus Friday to voice their displeasure.