Oil Pushes Above $83

Crude oil prices moved above $83 Monday -- from just above $70 only two months ago. There are a number of causes for the increased price of crude, among them the growth in demand for oil in China.

Iraq Raises Proven Oil Reserves 24%

Iraq raised its level of proven oil reserves by 24% in the first revision since Saddam Hussein was toppled from power. The country has 143.1 billion barrels of known and extractible oil, compared with 115 billion barrels at the end of Saddam Hussein%u2019s reign, BBC News reported

U.S. Trade Deficit Unexpectedly Rises in May

May%u2019s unexpected rise in the U.S. trade deficit to $42.3 billion isn%u2019t likely to resolve the tug-of-war between the economic bulls and bears. Imports and exports both grew, but imports grew marginally faster.

Econ Note: OPEC Sees Flat Demand and No Need for More Oil Supplies

In OPEC's June report, released today, the oil cartel doesn't see global demand changing much. It's sticking with its 0.9 million barrels per day increase (1.1%) for the remainder of 2010. It notes that demand rose a "marginal" 0.4 mbd in the first quarter, so it's already trending a bit behind its yearly forecast.

In This Market, Crude Oil Is as Good as Gold

Oil demand is still soft following the recession, but prices remain high. Why? Investors' use of oil as an alternative investment and a hedge against a declining dollar are as much to blame as OPEC's manipulations.

With Oil Up 25%, the Recovery Could Falter

With crude oil prices sloshing around near $85 a barrel, a new reality may be setting in that could threaten the recoveries of the world's major economies, according to the International Energy Agency. Crude oil futures hit 18-month highs in April as expectations rose for stronger demand.

OPEC's Business Model: Sit Back and Let the Money Flow In

The U.S.'s inability to lower its oil consumption has helped put OPEC in an advantageous position, again. Worse, the U.S. economy remains vulnerable to another quest by OPEC to explore the market's maximum price for oil -- which could tip the U.S. economy into another recession. OPEC, producer of about 40% of the world's oil, is in the catbird seat, once again.

OPEC: Oil Prices Are in a Sweet Spot

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries signaled it will not adjust its oil output targets, sending prices of crude futures above $82 per barrel on Wednesday, just a day after crude futures fell below $80 per barrel.

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OPEC cuts its oil forecast again

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