Facebook Sues Educator Networking Site for Using 'Book' in Name

Facebook sued a website for educators called Teachbook, saying that Facebook owns the name "book" when it comes to social networking websites. "Misappropriating the distinctive book portion of Facebook%u2019s trademark, defendant has created its own competing online networking community in a blatant attempt to become a Facebook for teachers," Facebook said in a filing in a federal court in San Francisco.

More Consumers Ditch Newspapers for New Media

A new report finds that Americans are abandoning newspapers and magazines an extraordinary rate and are increasingly turning to cable and the Internet. Between 2008 and 2009, cable and online audiences grew nearly 10% whilebut newspapers dropped over 10% and magazines nearly as much.

New York Times to charge in 2011

While details are scarce about how exactly the New York Times will begin its pay wall next year, at least the Times is now saying that it may allow...