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Why Yelp Will Never Be Great Again

Yelp has been one of the market's hottest stocks lately, but as many as 20% of the reviews on the site may be fakes. Will the gains continue if the reviews can't be trusted?

5 Reasons to Avoid Yelp's Piping Hot IPO

With IPO valuations puffing up like a perfect souffle, you have to love Yelp's timing: The review website goes public Friday. But be careful: There are quite a few reasons why this blazing hot deal may end up burning eager investors.

Phishing Scams, Fake Reviews: How Not to Be Duped

This is high season for tax-related phishing scams, as online con artists try to trick you out of your personal data, and thus your cash. But Internet scams and deceptions are a year-round industry. Here are some tips on how to avoid being conned.

How Many Stars Would You Rate Yelp's IPO?

With all the sturm und drang surrounding Facebook's upcoming May IPO, few media outlets are giving much oxygen to the IPO of online review hub Yelp, due March 2. It will give Yelp a market cap of around $800 million -- and the company isn't even profitable.

Yelp IPO's Profit Enigma: Is the Site Making Money?

After reading the breathless media coverage about the rumored $2 billion Yelp IPO, I have one question: Does the online-review site make money? None of the articles made any mention, but profitability is the issue that should be first on investors' minds.

Fake Product-Review Sites: How Buyers Can Beware

Shoppers looking for advice from their fellow consumers have a tough enough time sifting out the false reviews posted on legitimate product-review sites. But there's a worse problem out there online: "Nefarious" websites entirely devoted to promoting merchandise with fake reviews.

7 Ways to Spot Fake Online Reviews

If you often use online reviews to help you make purchasing decision, you needn't employ a secret algorithm to ferret out the fakes. Follow these tips to find the critiques that count.

California Company Settles Charges of False iTunes Reviews

How much faith can you put in online reviews? A recent settlement suggests you may have reason to be wary. A California marketing company settled charges that it engaged in deceptive advertising by getting its employees to write favorable reviews of clients%u2019 games on the Apple (AAPL) iTunes Store, The New York Times reported. The reviews did not mention that the authors were being paid to write approving comments.