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Would You Pay $5 a Month for Exclusive YouTube Channels?

Google is tapping some of YouTube's top content producers to create premium channels that would charge viewers between $1 and $5 apiece every month for exclusive content. But is a subscription model a smart move for YouTube?

Read This Before You 'Unfriend' Facebook's Stock Again

"It's complicated" is the only relationship status that fits the rocky romance between Wall Street and Facebook. Shares of the social-networking giant took a hit on Friday after it failed to post blowout quarterly results. But are investors being unfair to Facebook?

Can Yandex Find Profits to Justify Its Hot IPO?

Russian search engine Yandex saw its IPO soar more than 55% on its first day of trading Tuesday. But while this Russian beauty managed to lure in investors with its ability to crush Google in the former USSR, some analysts are cautioning investors to temper their enthusiasm.

Why Facebook Could Be Worth $125 Billion

A new report from financial research firm Trefis says Facebook's value could rocket to $125 billion. A new monetization plan that lets advertisers "sponsor" your actions on Facebook could give Facebook a huge new revenue stream and contribute to that lofty valuation.

What Google's Reshuffle Means for Investors

As Larry Page takes the reins from CEO Eric Schmidt, the questions for investors are: Will Facebook keep gaining on Google? Or will Page steer it back to its original counter-corporate spirit, to embracing risk over short-term profits? Or have the risk-takers gone soft?

How the Web Will Make Winners and Losers in 2011

A year ago, hardly anyone was expecting Angry Birds or Groupon to be among the stars of 2010, but the underlying trends that powered their success were plain enough. So while it's nearly impossible to accurately predict what the next big hits will be, here are five trends that may help separate 2011's winners from its losers.

Is Twitter Worth $3.7 Billion? Not in the Real World

That's the value a $200 million venture investment led by Kleiner Perkins this week implies. But that means Twitter, still lacking a viable business plan, would have a price-to-sales ratio of 840 compared to Facebook's 26 -- or Google's 8.7. And Twitter's growth may be stalling.

Facebook Revenue Could Hit $2 Billion in 2010

Facebook Inc may generate revenue of about $2 billion for 2010 more than double its revenue from 2009. The company will beat its 2010 estimate of $1.5 billion in revenue, Bloomberg News reported without naming its sources. In 2009, the company had sales of $700 million to $800 million.

The News Biz Glimpses a Cable-TV Model in the Booming iPad News Apps

Apple has just annointed Flipboard, an innovative news aggregation app, as its App of the Year. It's just one of several such apps that sort of mimic how cable companies operate as bundlers of content. And therein lies the promise of a mass, ad-supported business model.

Online Buyer Beware: Cyber-Fraud Is Getting Slicker

A growing number of Americans are shopping online for the holidays -- leaving themselves vulnerable to increasingly sophisticated web fraud. The Justice Department busted 82 websites allegedly selling counterfeit and pirated goods on Cyber Monday, but more criminals are still out there.

Mozilla Considering Do-Not-Track Privacy Tool for Firefox

Mozilla Corp., the maker of the Firefox Internet browser, is considering creating a do-not-track mechanism to offer users more privacy. Web browsers are caught in the cross fire between regulators seeking to protect user privacy and online advertisers who want more information on users%u2019 preferences.

Google's Talent Drain: Why Its Best Brains Are Bolting

Watching which way the talent is flowing in Silicon Valley can tell investors a lot. Even if a big brain drain isn't a sure death knell for a major player, it can't be ignored. And during the last couple of years, a lot of talent has been draining out of Silicon Valley icon Google.

Layoffs or Not, Yahoo's Struggles May Be Mounting

Yahoo has denied reports of an impeding 20% cut, but the controversy raises the question of whether the company's fourth-quarter performance and year-end results are shaping where it expects to be. One thing to watch for the holidays: The ratio of paid ads to Yahoo house ads.

Google Repeats: No Facebook Rival in the Works

Google has again denied that it's building a Facebook-like service, this time in comments made by its head of mobile product development, reports Reuters. The executive, Hugo Barra, reiterated that Google's plans involve adding social media layers to its current products.

Yahoo's U.S. Advertising Chief Calls It Quits

Yahoo's top ad executive in the Americas is resigning, as the Internet pioneer struggles to raise its flagging revenues. The move represents yet another high-profile departure from Yahoo, but that may not necessarily be a bad thing.

The Yahoo-Bing Search Deal Will Raise Ad Rates

Online advertisers may see up to a 78% price increase in paid-search rates once the search alliance between Yahoo and Microsoft is wrapped up. Cost-per-click will likely rise sharply as advertisers shift to the consolidated Bing search platform.

Lycos Sold for $36 Million to India's Ybrant

A name from the Internet's past emerged as online marketer Ybrant announced its $36 million purchase of Lycos, an early search pioneer whose market position -- and valuation -- shrank as rivals quickly overtook it.

Will Social Networking Disappoint Investors?

The tricky thing about social networking sites and online advertising is figuring out what works -- and how you'll know it does. A distinct lack of metrics of effectiveness is one barrier to profitability, and free options for would-be advertisers is another.

ADP Revs Its Car Business With Cobalt Buy

Automatic Data Processing, a large provider of HR, payroll and benefits administration services, has bought Cobalt, which offers marketing services to auto dealers. The $400 million deal helps boost ADP's own dealer-services business and combat tough times in the sector.

Here Comes the Great Internet Paywall

A paywall is rising at The New York Times, AT&T is limiting data-usage for the iPhone, and is going start charging viewers. What happened to the fundamental Internet ideas of free and unlimited?