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Oil Companies Reap Billions in U.S. Tax Breaks

The oil industry is subsidized beyond virtually any other business in America, enjoying tax breaks that average $4 billion a year. The massive tax breaks reaped in BP's disastrous Deepwater Horizon project, which caused the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history, are typical.

BP Used Cheaper, Riskier Well Design More Often

BP used a cheaper and riskier well design in more than one-third of its Gulf of Mexico deepwater wells -- significantly more often than most other big drillers in the area, according to The Wall Street Journal. The same design was used in BP's Deepwater Horizon rig.

'Death on the High Seas Act' Needs Fixing to Help BP Widows

BP can pay the family of a rig worker killed in the Deepwater Horizon explosion a mere $1,000 as compensation for the death thanks to the outdated Death on the High Seas Act. Congress has vowed to change the act, but it may not be as easy as they think.