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Bright Spot of the Market Collapse: Gasoline Prices

If there's one good thing that came out of Thursday's dizzying market slide, it's the fact that consumers could soon feel a little less pain at the pump. Oil futures also fell along with stocks on fears of lower demand. And gasoline prices should soon follow suit.

Oil Falls as Worries About Europe Debt Crisis Continue

Concerns about the European financial crisis are still dragging down the price of oil. Benchmark crude for July delivery fell 32 cents to $92.69 per barrel in Monday midday trading. All eyes remain on Greece, which is trying to implement tough new austerity measures necessary to keep international aid coming.

Five Ways the Government Could Make Oil Prices Fall

Fears over Mideast turmoil have pushed oil and gas prices sky high, which risks tipping the U.S. economy back in to a recession. But the government isn't powerless when it comes to oil prices: Here are five things that Washington and the states can do that would quickly reduce our pain at the pump.

The Trade Deficit's Untold Story: Rising Exports

The trade deficit's rise to just under $500 billion in 2010 obscures an impressive rise in global sales of U.S. goods, and the outlook for 2011 is even better. But to reach a trade surplus, the U.S. must solve two serious problems.

Oil Prices Rise 3% on Improved U.S. Economic Outlook

Oil prices rose Wednesday as reports of higher U.S. productivity and more domestic hiring combined with continuing growth in demand from China to offset the effects of lackluster economic data from other countries.

Oil Prices Soar to Five-Month High

Oil prices reached their highest point in five months due to the combination of a weakening dollar, an interest-rate cut in Japan, a strike by French workers and a barge crash that closed off a Texas shipping route.

Why Gas Prices Are Falling in Time for Labor Day

The price per gallon for gasoline is at the second-lowest level in five years, and some economists predict it could drop much further soon. The reason: More-than-ample inventories of crude oil and refined petroleum products.

Oil broker busted for drunk trading

An oil broker has been banned and fined by Britain's financial regulator for manipulating oil prices by buying more than 7 million barrels during a...

Crude Oil Futures Surge for Second Day

Crude oil futures rallied higher for a second straight day as reports indicating better than expected oil demand continued to raise investor sentiment.