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Grainger's Global Supply Biz Still Looks Good

As the world's largest distributor of industrial and commercial supplies to major corporations, W.W. Grainger has been on a roll. Its stock has climbed from $58 in early 2009 to $120 now. And it could double again in the next five years.

ExxonMobil: The Oil Giant Looks Like Big Buy

ExxonMobil's stock is trading at $60 a share -- just about where it was in March 2009 when the market plunged to its low. Even as oil has rebounded to $74 from $40 at that time, ExxonMobil still languishes. That could soon change.

Construction Giant Foster Wheeler Could Be Building a Rebound

Construction stocks have lately been dormant, if not huge losers. But some analysts are starting to divine that global engineering and heavy construction will come alive in the second half of 2010. And they're changing their tune on Foster Wheeler.