Gates Testifies in $1B Lawsuit Against Microsoft

Microsoft's Windows 95 rollout presented the most challenges in the company's history, leading to several last-minute changes to technical features that would no longer support a rival software maker's word processor, Bill Gates testified Monday in a $1 billion antitrust lawsuit filed by the creator of WordPerfect.

Attachmate Buys Software Firm Novell for $2.2 Billion

Software and computing services company Novell will sell itself to Attachmate for about $2.2 billion. The $6.10 per share price represents a premium of 28% to Novell's closing price on March 2, a day prior to the public disclosure of Elliott Associates' proposal to acquire Novell for $5.75 per share.

Novell Has a Suitor -- and a Serious Stock Bounce

A $2 billion buyout offer from hedge fund operator Elliott Associates has boosted networking pioneer Novell's stock price. But don't expect the first bid to be the last: Novell is likely to reject it, and better offers from tech heavyweights could be forthcoming.