Amazon's $189 Kindle Sells Out

Amazon dropped the price of its basic Kindle e-reader last month -- and sales quickly reached what CEO Jeff Bezos calls a "tipping point." But the lack of inventory could hurt as Amazon fights to build market share.

Amazon Doesn't Care About Wall Street's Concerns

Investors hammered Amazon over it's underwhelming second-quarter results. That's no biggie for the online retailer, though. When it comes to e-books, despite rising competition, Amazon remains top dog, and it looks very likely to stay that way.

Sharp to Sell Its Own E-Reader

Sharp is stepping into the e-book market, gearing up to offer e-reader devices and enhancing its XMDF technology platform to allow audio and video to also be seen on the devices, the electronics giant announced Tuesday.

Why Going Private Could Be Barnes & Noble's Best Bet

With its stock plunging and the trial between key shareholder Ron Burkle and top company executives about to take place in court, signs point ever more clearly to the possibility that Barnes & Noble will go private. And that just might be the best step for the company to take.

Does Amazon's E-Reader Patent Put Nook at Risk?

The ongoing battle of the e-readers between Amazon and Barnes & Noble was already plenty heated after their under-$200 pricing moves earlier this month. Now the competition takes an intriguing twist due to a recent patent ruling that not only puts Amazon way ahead, but threatens the very existence of B&N's popular device, the Nook.

Sony Cuts Price in Latest Round of E-Reader Wars

Sony has slashed the price of its Daily Edition e-reader to $299.99 from $349.99, following similar price cuts to Amazon's Kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook. Can any of these companies really make money at the reduced price levels?

Can a Cheaper Kindle DX Beat iPad and Nook?

The world's biggest online retailer attempts to address the drawbacks of its larger e-reader -- primarily the price. But will it be enough to compete with the Nook and the iPad?

Reality Check for Tablet Market Projections

At a conference about the future of tablets, analysts and media companies alike made bold predictions about how the devices will revolutionize the marketplace. Yet, with the market-leading iPad out a mere two months, it doesn't seem like any of the projections carry much weight.

Sony Launches E-Book Joint Venture in Japan

Sony sells plenty of Readers worldwide, but it years ago gave up trying to market them in Japan. Now, just as Apple is about to launch its iPad there, Sony is defending its home turf with a new joint venture designed to solve the problem that stymied its previous e-book attempts: lack of content.

How to Navigate the Confusing E-Book Landscape

In an ideal world, you could buy a digital book by a favorite author or one brand new to you and then be able to read it on your device of choice. In reality, it's an e-book jungle out there.

Kindle at Target?: E-Reader Wars Go Brick-And-Mortar

Amazon has long dominated the e-reader market by selling its Kindle strictly online. But with growing competition from Barnes & Noble's nook and Apple's iPad, both of which are available in real-world retail outlets, Amazon may be ready to put the Kindle on shelves in a Target store near you.

Sony Slashes e-Reader Price

Sony has cut the price of its entry level e-reader by $30 to $169.99. Some predict prices could fall as low as $99 by next year.

Barnes & Noble's Secret Weapon

Thursday morning's announcement that Steve Riggio would step down as Barnes & Noble's CEO seemed unexpected -- at first. But his replacement is looking into the company's digital future, without overlooking its secret weapon: brick-and-mortar stores.

Barnes & Noble's Executive Suite Gets Shuffled

CEO Steve Riggio is stepping down, though he'll remain vice chairman and stay "actively involved." Taking over as CEO is William Lynch, who has been leading B&N's e-commerce efforts. And Mitchell Kipper will become CEO of B&N's retail group.

Why Apple's iPad Won't Rescue Big Publishing

There's plenty for the publishing industry to like about the iPad. It's the first Apple device with a dedicated e-bookstore, and titles seem priced from $7.99 to $14.99. But of the six big publishers, only five have signed up with Apple. The biggest, Random House, is still gun-shy.

E-Books for Kids Get Publishers' Attention

Book publishers' interest in digital e-books is mounting, as the number of e-readers hitting the market, in all shapes, sizes, and color capabilities, is set to grow. And the children's sector of publishing in particular is getting their notice.