Netflix CEO Apologizes, Divides Company

In an open apology to Netflix customers, CEO Reed Hastings took the blame for the price hikes and service changes that generated such negative reactions. He also announced that Netflix was splitting its DVD-by-mail business off under a new name: Qwikster.

Finally, the End of the Line for Blockbuster?

Blockbuster has nearly run out of money again. It wants its bondholders to put up more capital as it wrestles to exit Chapter 11. If some of the bondholders balk, Blockbuster will almost certainly be sold off in parts. But what exactly does it have left to sell?

Microsoft Vice President: We're Still No. 1

In an extraordinary blog post, Microsoft's Frank Shaw pressed a case for the company's primacy in the world of technology -- clearly a reaction to its many critics and skeptical analysts on Wall Street, where Microsoft's share price is less than half the level it was in 1999.

Will Blockbuster disappear?

If Blockbuster (BBI) continues to lose sales at this rate, it could be gone completely in a couple of years. For its latest quarter, revenue dropped...

Netflix Q2 shines through downturn

Consumers are turning to rent-by-mail videos in ever-higher numbers -- perhaps to keep themselves entertained as they while away their long stints of...

Will Amazon bid for Netflix?

Netflix (NFLX) stock moved up seven percent yesterday on rumors that Amazon (AMZN) might buy the video rental company. The deal, should it happen,...

Finally, Netflix gets a challenger

Netflix (NFLX) has been able to hold off attempts by Blockbuster (BBI) to challenge its CD-through-the-mail model. It has also added an internet...

Blockbuster looks to TiVo for help

There have been rumors that Blockbuster (BBI) might have to file for Chapter 11. That speculation has been put to rest for now. The movie rental...