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Why Google Is a Sound Long-Run Bet

Google's below-expectations earnings saw its stock pummelled. But there are many positive factors -- from Chrome and Android to its smart acquisitions -- that will help Google remain dominant in the future.

Wireless Wars Are Good News for Investors

As Google and Apple shape the future of the wireless sector and Hewlett Packard enters the fray, two of our most seasoned senior writers, Sam Gustin and Dan Burrows, unravel the course that wireless will take and explain how you can profit.

HTC Countersues Apple over iPhone Technology

The mobile wars have gone code red as cell-phone maker HTC, a key partner in Google's exploding Android mobile ecosystem, filed a patent lawsuit against iPhone-maker Apple. It comes two months after Apple filed its own patent suit against HTC.

Look Out, Apple: Google's Android Gaining Steam

Is Google's (GOOG) Android platform the long-awaited iPhone-killer? Not yet, but new data shows Android is posing a serious threat to Apple's (AAPL) popular smartphone. According to mobile research firm Flurry, Verizon Wireless's Google-powered Droid smartphone outsold Apple's original iPhone during the first 74 days that each device was on sale.

Apple Declares War on Google Phone-Maker HTC

Apple, the high-tech powerhouse behind the iPhone, has sued up-and-coming Taiwan-based hardware maker HTC -- which makes Google's (GOOG) Nexus One phone -- for patent infringement. The lawsuit is an incendiary development in the deteriorating relationship between Apple and Google.

Google's Nexus One Backlash: Shoddy Service

Nary a week after Google unveiled its new Nexus One smart-phone complaints about shoddy service and weak developer support have begun pouring in. Customers are complaining about poor connectivity over current, third generation (3G) wireless networks, while developers bemoan the lack of tools for building new applications.

Google's New Phone Angers Partners

It's barely been a week since Google (GOOG) launched its own phone and the search giant's big push into the mobile market has sent ripples throughout the industry. But the immediate outcome of the much-hyped push into what Google sees as a key area of growth, though, can hardly be what the company was hoping for.

Stocks in the News: Kraft Foods, Cadbury, Google, Ford

News that could affect stock prices today: Kraft's Cadbury bid gets slim support from shareholders; Google releases its Nexus One smart phone; Ford, Toyota, Honda reported improved December sales; retailers saw strong finish to the year.

Google Phone Rings Up Apple

In the heart of the holiday phone-buying season, AT T handed Google a fabulous present and partner Apple a lump of coal. Both were wrapped in one spectacular network failure, which stranded thousands of the Web's most vocal and demanding iPhone users.