Newsweek to End Print Edition, Go All Digital

Newsweek plans to end its print publication after 80 years and will shift to an all-digital format aimed at online users starting in early 2013. Job cuts are expected. Newsweek's last U.S. print edition will be its Dec. 31 issue.

The Profitable Side of Going Green

Mother Earth is getting a little bit of relief as more companies yield to pressure from environmentalists and activist shareholders to reduce their carbon footprints. But Gaia isn't the only one who's benefiting: Just ask some of the companies that have saved serious greenbacks by going green.

Newsweek and The Daily Beast Will Merge

Newsweek magazine and The Daily Beast will merge. But with each business struggling, the new entity may be may be more like a marriage of two wounded media operations.

U.S. News Magazine Exits the Print Business

US News is not for sale. Wealthy owner Mort Zuckerman wants to keep the magazine, he just does not want to print it, so the publication will go completely online next year. December will be the magazine's last issue.

Seven Classic Bad Calls in Business Journalism

Over and over, magazines and newspapers miss the truth about business by a mile. They're so consistently bad, in fact, that the media has been a leading contrary indicator of stock prices and business trends. Here are seven classic examples.

A Newsweek-Daily Beast Deal Made No Sense From the Get-Go

Combining Newsweek and the Daily Beast wouldn't have been as big of a debacle as New Coke, but it would have been awfully close. None of the voluminous media reports ever made it clear how combining the organizations would allow them to become profitable.

Newsweek, The Daily Beast Discuss Potential Merger

Newsweek magazine and news website The Daily Beast are in talks about a possible merger, according to The Wall Street Journal. The two news outlets are considering a structure whereby Tina Brown, co-founder and co-owner of The Daily Beast, would become editor of Newsweek while maintaining her current editorial duties at The Daily Beast, The Wall Street Journal said without naming its sources.

Newsweek's Limited Future Under Sidney Harman

The Washington Post Co. got what just it wanted in the deal: Someone else to take the blame for killing Newsweek. Of all the bidders, the 91-year-old audio-gear mogul is least likely to make the kinds of changes the venerable magazine would need to survive in the long term.

Will Fred Drasner Be Newsweek's Next Owner?

As the list of potential buyers for Newsweek shortens, Washington businessman Fred Drasner is emerging as the most serious candidate. Meanwhile, the Washington Post Co. has reportedly turned away two conservative would-be buyers.

Options for Newsweek Look Pretty Grim

On the block after The Washington Post Co. tired of absorbing its losses, Newsweek is not without suitors. But they're not the kind of suitors a magazine with a proud legacy might wish for.

Media Brain Trust: Death watch edition

The recession has already claimed its share of media properties, but, while the economy may or may not have touched bottom already, nobody who knows...

Newsweek and Spy: Separated at Birth?

For its current issue, Newsweek tried something new, bringing in Stephen Colbert as its first-ever guest editor. But for the issue's cover, it...