new years eve

Now's the Time to Book Holiday Travel

Traveling during the holidays can come at a premium. Use these tips to ensure that you get the lowest prices for flights and travel during Christmas and New Year's.

New Year's Table, American Style: All the Luxe, Fewer Bucks

Most American holidays center around home cooking. Except New Year's Eve, when the table is covered with expensive imported delicacies. We have some suggestions for keeping your New Year's celebration a little more local--and affordable--without trading off luxury.

Pop Quiz: Test Your New Year's Knowledge

As millions of people around the world toast the arrival of 2013, it's worth taking a moment to think about the hodgepodge of songs, drinks and delicacies that have grown up around this holiday. If you've ever wondered why we sing an 18th century Scottish ballad on the last day of December, take a peek at our New Year's quiz!