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The N.Y. Times Teams Up With Another Nonprofit

The New York Times is entering into a news-gathering partnership with The Bay Citizen, a non-profit journalism start-up based in San Francisco. Such arrangements have led to criticism that the Times is compromising its standards by "subcontracting" its journalism.

The New York Times vs. Bloggers

Is The New York Times shooting itself in the foot with its plans to charge online readers? Opinions abound as bloggers and the newspaper weigh in.

The WSJ vs. the NYT: It's a Newspaper War!

Verbal bullets were flying Monday at a launch event for The Wall Street Journal's New York City metro section. Managing editor Robert Thomson accused The New York Times of alienating readers with biased reporting and risking its reputation by outsourcing its news gathering.

New York Times Execs: We're Ready for Murdoch, OK?

New York Times Co. executives say they're more than prepared to handle the challenge posed by The Wall Street Journal's expansion. "When you're the lead dog, people are constantly going after you," said CEO Janet Robinson on the company's first-quarter earnings call.

Did WSJ Editor Fudge His Role in Photo Prank?

A visual joke by The Wall Street Journal at the expense of New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger has resulted in further bad feelings between the two papers -- and in accusations that Robert Thomson, the Journal's editor, isn't above bending the truth to avoid confrontation.

The Washington Post Dominates the Pulitzers

Last year wasn't the greatest for the Post from a reputation standpoint, much to the chagrin of Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli. But winning four Pulitzer Prizes should do a lot to change that. The Enquirer's reputation remains unchanged.

WSJ Slashes Prices as Murdoch Aims at NY Times

Rupert Murdoch has a history of contrarian gambles that pay off big. But with newspaper advertising in a historic slump and online ad spend overtaking print for the first time, is the price war a smart move at this time?

A Hedge Fund Billionaire's Audacious 4G Wireless Plan

A prominent New York hedge fund billionaire intends to take on several of the biggest telecom firms in the country by building a massive 4G wireless network one analyst has called "breathtaking in its ambition."

The Times' Arthur Sulzberger Has a $6 Million Problem

Arthur Sulzberger, chairman and publisher of The New York Times, isn't savvy about symbolism. How else could he have accepted $6 million in compensation a year in which his newspaper eliminated 100 jobs from the newsroom and imposed unpaid furloughs on all who remained?

Why Murdoch's iPad WSJ Costs So Much

News Corp., Rupert Murdoch's global media conglomerate, this week revealed two key elements of its strategy to get consumers to begin paying for digital news content. Both suggest that the company's chief aim is to restore the vitality of printed newspapers.

NY Times Tries TV: Like C-SPAN, Only Less Exciting

Does The New York Times (NYT) have a future as a television network? Not on the evidence of TimesCast, the short-form daily video program the paper introduced on its website Monday. Think C-SPAN, only duller.

NY Times Publisher Questions Whether Murdoch Gets Web

New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger thinks Rupert Murdoch's frequent denunciations of Google are proof that the News Corp. chairman doesn't understand the internet. "To start picking on these companies strikes me as not understanding the ecosystem we're living in," he said Saturday.

Mexico's Carlos Slim Named Richest Man in the World

Mexico's Carlos Slim Helu tops Forbes's annual ranking of the world's richest people, unseating perennial inhabitants Bill Gates and Warren Buffett and becoming the first non-American to top the list since 1997.

The N.Y. Times May Be Aiming at Web TV

Later this spring, the paper will launch a daily webcast, according to sources familiar with the planning. The show will be produced on the fourth floor of the Times's offices and air around lunchtime EST, when consumption of online video peaks. Networks, watch your backs?

NY Times Comes to Video Screens in Five Cities

Starting Monday, an electronic edition of The New York Times will be displayed on 850 screens in five cities. The Today network screens are located in coffee shops, casual dining restaurants and airport newsstands in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Boston.

New York Times Reporter in Plagiarism Probe

Editors at The New York Times today will determine the fate of Zachery Kouwe, a business reporter who copied passages from competing news outlets in numerous articles, in a case that may illustrate the hazards of practicing web-speed journalism.

Carlos Slim Fattens His New York Times Stake

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim is now one of the New York Times Co.'s biggest shareholders after exercising warrants he got after loaning the media company $250 million. He reportedly won't be getting a board seat. But his growing stake has raised concerns about whether he would try to influence the fabled journalism brand in any way.

NY Times Expands Growth Plans, Despite Ad Woes

No wonder The New York Times is so anxious to start getting readers to open their wallets. In the fourth quarter of 2009, when other huge newspaper companies were experiencing a mild turnaround, The New York Times Co. recorded a 14.7% drop in advertising revenue, according to its year-end earnings report.

Apple's iPad Gives Wings to Media Stocks

Correctly or naively, print publishers all seem to think the iPad, Apple's new touchscreen tablet computer, is going to save their hides -- and Wall Street seems to agree, at least cautiously.

Why I Don't Love The NY Times's New Pay Plan

The New York Times finally committed last week to a plan to start charging readers of its website for some of the articles they read. And, as with most events preceded by enormous build-up, it was a bit of a disappointment.

Newspaper Company Faces Bankruptcy

The long, steep decline in newspaper ad sales and circulation is starting to level off, but that doesn't solve the debt problems bedeviling firms like Affiliated Media. The holding company for industry heavyweight MediaNews Group will go through a prepackaged bankruptcy to eliminate most of its debt.

The Dirtiest Lunch Rooms in the Media Business

The American print-publishing industry isn't healthy -- and the food it's serving its workers may not be, either. A quick survey of cafeteria health inspection records shows some alarming results. Lunch anyone?