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At Long Last, KKR Begins Trading on the NYSE

Henry Kravis, George Roberts and Jerome Kohlberg started the firm back in 1976 and achieved fame by focusing on -- making hefty profits from -- leveraged buyouts. Today, its business is much broader, and it's making its debut as a publicly traded company.

A Strong Week for Stocks,
With Caveats

This week's rally was welcome -- the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq all tacked on about 5% in the last four days. But there's not much to read into the action because so many traders are still on vacation from the July 4 holiday.

KKR's Founders Made Only $22 Million in 2009

As private-equity giant KKR moves at last toward completing its own IPO, it is opening up its internal finances to the SEC. One of the more interesting items: How little its two billionaire founders, cousins Henry Kravis and George Roberts, earned from the business last year.

Did BP Shares Fall or Rise on Tuesday? Yes

As strange as it sounds, shares in beleaguered oil spiller BP both fell and rose in Tuesday trading. They lost 1.7% in London, BP's home stock exchange. But they jumped 2.3% in New York, where BP's American depositary shares are traded.

Can Stocks Chalk Up Another Winning Week?

It sure didn't feel good getting here, but Wall Street kicks off on Monday on a two-week winning streak. It's enough to make even a bear like Peter Costa, president of Empire Executions, say he's encouraged by the market's resilience.

More Stomach-Churning Market Action Is Ahead

Seasick investors might want to stock up on Dramamine this week: A deluge of key earnings and economic reports promises more gut-wrenching volatility. But the biggest market-moving waves will keep coming from overseas, as Europe's financial crisis washes over the greenback.

Bad Outweighs Good
on Wall Street Today

The Dow took a triple-digit header Friday as anxiety over the eurozone debt crisis, the Gulf oil spill and the launch of a federal criminal probe into Goldman Sachs's trading more than offset strong corporate earnings and an encouraging reading on GDP.