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New Jersey Settles SEC Fraud Claims

The state of New Jersey settled claims that it misled investors in $26 billion of municipal bonds. The state agreed to settle the SEC case without admitting or denying the agency%u2019s findings, Bloomberg News reported.

Xanadu Real Estate Project in NJ May be Turned Over to Creditors

A group of investors led by Colony Capital may pass on the high-profile Xanadu real estate project in New Jersey to creditors, The Wall Street Journal reported. The clock is ticking towards an Aug. 9 to meet a deadline set by creditors including Capmark Financial Group, The Wall Street Journal reported without naming its sources.

Mayor of Trenton, N.J., Faces Forecloseure

Mayor Tony Mack of Trenton, N.J., has a bird's eye view of the housing crisis. According to local media reports, Mack's family home is facing foreclosure. Mack, who took over the leadership of New Jersey's capital city in June, owes his lender $369,000, according to Philadelphia's 6ABC.

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Who Will Sell New Jersey's Legalized Pot?

New Jersey was the fourteenth state to legalize medical marijuana, but current governor Chris Christie is placing such harsh restrictions on the prospective business that some question whether the state will ever get its pot business off the ground.

N.J. Governor Gambles on a Gaming Overhaul

New Jersey's GOP Gov. Chris Christie is preparing to announce sweeping plans to overhaul Atlantic City's casino district, just one part of a set of proposals that would mark the most sweeping changes to the state's gaming industry since casino gambling was legalized.

Did New Jersey Signal the Start of a Property Tax Rebellion?

Record numbers of New Jerseyans voiced their anger at high property taxes and voted down over 50% of school budgets. With state finances squeezed all over the country, it signals that school funding will get even more politically contentious.

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Health Care Reform Stumbles in South Jersey

New Jersey Rep. John Adler is one of about 40 Democrats whose wavering stance on heath-care reform has made them targets of special interest groups eager for them to chose a side.

New Jersey Joins the Draconian Budget Parade

Gov. Chris Christie's first budget aims to close an $11 billion shortfall -- and it ain't pretty. The fight over it will be vicious, even considering the rough-and-tumble nature of Jersey politics.

States Face a $1 Trillion Shortfall for Retirees

According to a report released Thursday by the Pew Center on the States, there is a $1 trillion shortfall between what U.S. states have set aside to pay for employees' retirement benefits and the cost of those obligations. That's more than $8,800 for every U.S. household -- and the true cost is probably even higher.

Largest Ever U.S. Mall Complex May Never Open

Xanadu, the gargantuan New Jersey entertainment retail complex, could be toast. Less than a year ago, analysts were arguing that the project was "too big to fail," but the state of New Jersey may be considering a move to seize the land as the developer struggles to find new financiers.

Struggling NJ Bowling Alley Owner Torches Better-Run Competitor

When bowling alley manager Steven Smink was asked by the Press of Atlantic City about a fire that engulfed his rival Loyle Lanes Bowling Center of Vineland, N.J., outside of Atlantic City, he sounded sympathetic. But now he has been charged in the fire.