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3 Reasons Netflix Is Nixing Qwikster

Realizing that the consumer is usually right, Netflix is abandoning plans to separate its streaming business from its mail-order roots. Here's why Qwikster -- the site that would have served as the new home for customers receiving discs by mail -- was mercifully killed by the former tech darling this morning, sending shares higher.

Wait Until November to Buy Netflix

The three months since Netflix announced its price change have been fairly disastrous for the company, with the stock down 60% from its peak. But reports of Netflix's death are exaggerated: Vulture-like investors hoping to pick up shares at rock-bottom prices should hold out. Here's why.

Daily Blogwatch: Legal Blogs for Superheroes?

Among Tuesday's top online stories for investors: Internet ad revenue is now higher than newspaper revenue; Facebook stock is likely trading at a 300 P/E ratio; 20 world records that were set in 2010.