What to Know If You're Buying Gadgets for Gifts

Before you grab a consumer electronics product, here are a few things to consider. Given how quickly devices become obsolete, a key point savvy shoppers should be mindful of is whether the gadget will provide long enough useful life for its recipient.

Google Chrome OS Coming to Netbooks Soon

Google apparently still has big ambitions in the hardware game. The search engine and online advertising giant is reportedly going to launch the first Chrome OS netbooks within the next few weeks.

Taiwan PC Makers Cleaning Up on Mobile Computing

Taiwan's PC industry, the world's largest, posted a 53% jump in first-quarter revenues to $25.1 billion from the year-ago period. And driving sales is a massive shift toward mobile computing as buyers flock to devices like netbooks and tablet computers.

Sales of LCD TVs Bounce Back

Boob tube shipments are up and manufacturer revenues are expected to rise in the first quarter, reversing a six-month decline. But LCD makers are hardly raking it in as prices continue to fall.

Google's Android gets a lift

There have been reports that Google's (GOOG) Android software could be a candidate to act as the operating system of netbooks being sold by several...

How to profit from the netbook boom

In January, I posted on netbooks -- paperback book-sized computers that now go for under $300. To me, the netbook looked like a powerful growth trend...