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Net Neutrality: FCC's Done Talking to Google, Verizon

Federal Communications Commission officials reportedly slammed the door Thursday on further private talks with Google and Verizon to develop a loosely regulated level playing field for how Internet content gets delivered by telecom and cable operators.

Google Denies 'Devil's Pact' With Verizon

Google and Verizon denied reports of a proposed tiered services deal that would allow web sites to pay broadband providers for the privilege of getting content in front of users more quickly. The alleged deal had proponents of net neutrality up in arms Thursday.

FCC Blasted Again Over Closed-Door Internet Meetings

Public interest groups kept up their assault on the FCC's closed-door broadband policy meetings after the agency decided to bypass standard disclosure rules, effectively shutting out the public. One group took out a full page ad in The Washington Post blasting the meetings.

'Transparent' FCC Continues Secret Internet Meetings

The FCC's closed-door meetings with industry giants over internet regulation continued Tuesday as the agency's chief of staff defended a process that has effectively shut out the public. Public interest groups said they were "appalled" and demanded the agency "reverse the secrecy."

Closed-Door 'Open Internet' Talks at the FCC

Federal Communications Commission officials held closed-door meetings Monday with cable and telecom lobbyists who oppose the "open" Internet rules proposed by agency Chairman Julius Genachowski. Critics accused the FCC of trying to broker a back-room deal.

Have Your Say on FCC's Broadband-Rules Overhaul

The FCC narrowly voted for a public comment period on Net neutrality and its overhaul of broadband regulations. One the ideas under consideration is a reclassification of broadband as a telecoms service so broadband pipes are open to Internet companies wanting to use them.

Legal Briefing: FCC Won't Force Broadband Competition

In order to enforce net neutrality rules, the FCC is reclassifying ISPs into the same category as phone companies. Now, the agency has the authority to drastically improve broadband competition -- but it won't.

U.S. 'Open Internet' Plan Threatened by 'Net Neutrality' Ruling

A federal court ruling saying the U.S. lacks authority to enforce "network neutrality" has thrown Obama's plan to ensure the Internet remains "open" and "unfettered" into chaos. The big win for cable giant Comcast leaves the feds with only a couple of options to ensure Internet providers treat Web content equally.

A Legal Blow to the FCC's 'Net Neutrality' Rules

In upholding an appeal by Comcast, a U.S. court ruled that the Federal Communications Commission lacks the legal authority to enforce its "network neutrality" principles. The ruling is sending shock waves from Washington, D.C., to Silicon Valley. Next stop: Congress.

A Bogus Take on Broadband and Net Neutrality

The government's plan to improve broadband speeds and access has triggered a wave of criticism from predictable quarters. Sam Gustin challenges a prominent example that's light on facts and heavy on ideological hot air.

Comcast: "One Rung Above Enron and Blackwater"?

The nation's largest cable company tells the federal government that its proposed merger with NBC Universal will benefit the public. That claim was immediately denounced by critics, including one consumer advocacy group that called the cable giant's argument "positively Orwellian."

AT&T war with Google heats up

The telcos don't think much of net neutrality. It lets companies like Google (GOOG) and its YouTube operation send massive amounts of data and video...

FCC to propose 'Net neutrality' rules

(Sept. 20) -The head of the FCC plans to propose new rules that would prohibit Internet service providers from interfering with the free flow of...