negative equity

Buzzword of the Week: Accentuate the. . .Negative?

Conventional wisdom can't make an unprofitable earnings statement disappear, or turn a falling stock into a rising one. But there's one easy way to flip those frowns upside-down: Pair that bad news with upbeat terms and turn a recession into a period of negative growth.

The Big, Continuing Stories That Could Derail 2011

Major news stories ebb and flow, rising to the headlines and then slipping out of the spotlight. But even as they fade from attention, keep an eye on this handful of long-term issues with the potential to disrupt the U.S. economy and global recovery.

Underwater Homeowners:
This Could Get Ugly

Negative equity is linked to higher foreclosures. About a quarter of households with mortgages already owe more than their homes are worth. If prices slip further, up to half of homeowners may end up underwater -- a scary prospect for Americans' financial health.