Ohio State Fans Pay the Price for Rose Bowl Glory as Ticket Prices May Rise

Ohio State's Board of Trustees will vote Friday on a proposal to raise the price of tickets by $7, to $70 for reserved seats. Tickets for faculty and staff will rise $4, and students would have to pay another $1 to see a game. Prices for basketball tickets would be raised $1 for a reserved seats to $18, while prices for faculty, staff and students would jump 50 cents. Ohio State, whose last significant price increase was prior to the 2004 season, has the most expensive tickets in the Big 10.

Would Chopping Corporate Taxes Pump Up Growth?

The National Association of Manufacturers has a plan to jump-start the economy. It believes corporations pay way too much (about 39.1% on a statutory basis from state and federal sources) to Uncle Sam. That's the second-highest in the industrialized world.