Double-Dip Recession? Yield Curve Says No

Despite what so many pundits say, the most accurate economic predictor -- the yield curve -- says we're not heading for a double-dip recession. But don't celebrate too much: We're still in the recession that started in 2007, and projections predict continued sluggish growth ahead.

Economic Surge Caps 2009

Is the U.S. recession officially over? It may very well be, after the world's largest economy surged a better-than-expected 5.7% in Q4, on inventory gains, the U.S. Commerce Department said, to make it two consecutive quarters of GDP growth -- historically long enough for the National Bureau of Economic Research to declare an end to a slump.

Fed said 'recession dead'?

Yesterday, the Federal Reserve signaled that it thought the worst of the recession has passed. The thing is, for job seekers, that is not even the...