News Corp.'s
$1 Million to the GOP: No Big Deal

It looks terrible when company that owns some of the nation's biggest news outlets drops a wad of cash in the lap of one political party. But when you get down to it, there's no reason News Corp.'s donation to the Republican Governors Association is any worse than what happens every day.

Appeals Court Scraps FCC's TV Indecency Rules

In a major victory for TV networks, a federal appeals court struck down the Federal Communications Commission's indecency policy on Tuesday, calling it "unconstitutionally vague." The court also found the FCC rules posed a risk to freedom of speech.

Will TV Shows Help Save the Music Industry?

Increasingly, television shows such as Gossip Girl, America's Next Top Model and Pretty Little Liars are incorporating recording artists' songs into their scenes and then featuring them in online play lists. It may seem like a minor promotion to viewers, but the results have been nothing short of astounding for some bands.

Media Flash: Stanley Cup Scores Best Ratings in 36 Years

Fans of the Chicago Blackhawks aren't the only ones celebrating their Stanley Cup victory. NBC Sports says the game that decided the National Hockey League champion attracted an overnight rating of 5.8 and a 10 share, the best showing in 36 years.

Jeff Zucker Out of NBC? Better Late Than Never

If there's a surprise in today's report that Jeff Zucker has agreed to an exit package that will take him out of his job as chairman of NBC Universal, it's only that someone didn't put an end to his incompetent tenure years ago.

NBC's Fall Lineup Features Few Obvious Hits

NBC is debuting a slew of new shows this fall in hopes of climbing out of the ratings cellar. But judging from previews offered at today's upfront presentation, none of these will be the hit that restores the network to the glory days of Seinfeld and Friends.

Miss USA 2010 Pageant: A Boon for NBC?

History was made last night, when Miss Michigan, Rima Fakih, became the first Arab American to win Miss USA . But will history be made tomorrow when The Nielsen Company release's the ratings for last nights' pageant?

Conan O'Brien Heads to TBS for Late-Night Show

TBS, the cable network owned by Time Warner, announced Monday that it will create a new late-night show for Conan O'Brien, who left The Tonight Show in January after NBC told him it was giving the 11:30 p.m. time slot back to Jay Leno.

No pay? Many interns say, 'No problem'

A recent article in the New York Times about the growth of unpaid internships has spurred an interesting debate among many people -- one that mirrors...

Did ABC Sell Out 'Modern Family' for iPad App?

ABC's Modern Family drew the ire of critics and fans when it jumped on the iPad bandwagon with an episode featuring character Phil Dunphy desperately trying to get his hands on one of the tablets. The funny thing is Apple didn't pay a thing for the product placement.

Comcast-NBC May Harm Workers, Critics Say

During a lengthy round of questioning on Capitol Hill, the heads of Comcast and NBC Universal denied that $30 billion merger would be anti-competitive and lead to layoffs. But critics were unswayed, including one who went as far as to say the deal would "undermine American democracy."

NBC Wipes Out on Its Olympics Strategy

It's not exactly a news flash that the world's biggest sporting competition is also a big moneymaker. But this year, NBC's Olympics coverage has been deluged with fans' complaints, leading many to wonder whether the Games are a proud tradition that happens to be lucrative, or a bloated cash cow with an attractive pedigree.

For Winter Games, Figure Skating Is on Thin Ice

NBC expects to lose money on the Olympics, north of $200 million, for the first time. One large reason for the lack of buzz is our collective indifference to the Games' marquee sport, the one that traditionally brings in the biggest ratings: figure skating.

Senator Al Franken Rips NBC-Comcast Merger

Led by Senator Al Franken, lawmakers on Thursday clashed with top execs at Comcast and NBC Universal over their claim that the media giants' proposed $30 billion merger would benefit the public. But despite calling for "strong conditions" on the deal, legislators seemed likely to let it pass.

Can Comcast Save the Peacock Network?

During Congressional testimony Thursday, top executives from Comcast and NBC Universal pledged to restore the luster of the beleaguered Peacock Network, which has suffered through low ratings, a dearth of hit shows, and most recently, the Leno-Conan debacle.

The Roots Grow a New Hip-Hop Business Model

A year after the eclectic Philadelphia hip-hop ensemble the Roots became the house band on NBC's 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,' it's found a new business model. Drummer Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson discusses the band's network salary, its late-night jam sessions, and cutting back from touring.

Live From the Operating Room, It's NBC's Today!

NBC Medical Correspondent Nancy Snyderman's "Inside the O.R." series depicting real-life surgeries is being aired this week on Today. It's hard not to think of the televised surgeries as a publicity stunt -- and the timing couldn't have been more apropos given that the February sweeps period starts tomorrow and runs to March 3.

Comcast: "One Rung Above Enron and Blackwater"?

The nation's largest cable company tells the federal government that its proposed merger with NBC Universal will benefit the public. That claim was immediately denounced by critics, including one consumer advocacy group that called the cable giant's argument "positively Orwellian."

Conan and NBC Settle, Clearing the Way for Jay 3.0

Our long national nightmare is over: Conan O'Brien and NBC are parting ways in peace, if not amity. In a deal first reported in The Wall Street Journal and expected to be announced officially later today, the network will pay the Tonight Show host $32 million to walk away from his show, stay off television for an unknown duration and avoid saying anything disparaging in public about NBC or its executives.

Don't Blame Jay or Conan -- Blame Jeff Zucker!

The sniping among late night comedians has intensified over the last few days, as millionaire entertainers jostle for position in the great Jay Leno - Conan O'Brien conflict. A lot of fingers are pointing at one side or another, but the real blame lies with the NBC executive who started the whole thing.

GE Pays $40M to Bail Out Jeff Zucker

NBC Universal chairman Jeff Zucker is spending $40 million of General Electric's money to get rid of Conan O'Brien. NBC was contractually bound to give O'Brien $40 million if it canceled the show -- but it also buys Zucker a non-disparagement clause from the late-night comic.

AP Reporter No Longer Has Haiti Beat to Himself

Jonathan Katz, who had the Haiti beat largely to himself thanks to newsroom cutbacks in international coverage, is no longer alone. Media's biggest names including Diane Sawyer and Anderson Cooper have landed since the earthquake. Katz's house here is in ruins, but he mourns for the rest of the island.

Zucker Fails, but Conan Pays

NBC Universal chairman Jeff Zucker failed to anticipate that Jay Leno wouldn't want to take early retirement, or how audiences would turn him off in primetime. Now he's preparing to demote Conan O'Brien, once an indispensable talent, to coddle Leno, whose best days are clearly behind him.