The Economic Impact of NBA's LeBron James

In addition to the sporting issues involved in the fervent courting of LeBron James lies a less emotional, more pragmatic reason for why bigwigs like New York's Mayor Bloomberg care so much: cold, hard cash.

Magic Johnson Aims for a Three-Pointer in Hotels

Earvin "Magic" Johnson recently celebrated his Los Angeles Lakers' 2010 NBA Championship win. Now, he's hoping for a similar comeback for the suffering U.S. hotel industry, where he has put money for years as a way to create jobs and services in communities underserved by investors.

NBA tickets for $1

There's about a month left in the NBA season, and now looks like the best time to buy a cheap ticket -- some for as low as $1 -- according to a...

NBA dribbling toward disaster?

The Sports Business Journal reported recently that the National Basketball Association will take out a $175 million loan from Bank Of America and...

NJ Nets reach out to unemployed fans

In these hard economic times, many sports fans have had to cut out expensive tickets and settle for the nosebleed section, or even staying home. New...