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12 Top Scams Affecting Your Pocketbook

It seems as though there's always a new scam out there, and even those who are savvy can fall for them. Here are the latest scams you should watch out for.

10 States with the Most People Living on Edge of Financial Ruin

Across America today, millions of people are unable to save for even short-term emergencies -- but in some places, people have it worse than others. Business Insider reveals the states where residents are the least able to cope with unexpected money troubles.

13 Financial New Year's Resolutions to Keep in 2013

When it comes to keeping New Year's resolutions, plenty of us don't have such great track records. But most people who made financial resolutions in 2012 kept them, which makes them a smart addition to your annual ritual. To set the stage for your success in 2013, here are 13 resolutions to consider.

Frankenstorm Is Coming: Do You Have Flood Insurance

With Hurricane Sandy, aka Frankenstorm, poised to hit the U.S. next week, now may be a good time to ask: Do you have flood insurance, and should you? Even if you're not in this storm's path, 90% of natural disasters nationwide involve flooding. Yet less than a fifth of U.S. homeowners have a flood insurance policy.

Hurricane Season: Are You Covered for Flood Damage?

Hurricane season comes every year, and 90% of natural disasters nationwide involve flooding. Yet less than a fifth of U.S. homeowners have a flood insurance policy. With Hurricane Irene poised to hit U.S. shores this week, now may be a good time to ask: Are you covered, and should you be?

The 10 Costliest Floods in American History

Last week, the Army Corps of Engineers flooded Vicksburg, Miss., to save New Orleans, an awful choice that speaks volumes about how hard it is for even modern technology to fight Mother Nature. 24/7 Wall St. looks back at other times when water won the battle.

Toyota to Keep Japanese Plants Idle Into Next Week

The Japanese automaker has extended its halt on vehicle production at its plants in Japan through March 22, as the country continues to reel from the devastation of last week's massive 9.0 earthquake and ensuing tsunami.

Insurers Prepare for a Rough Storm Season

Tornadoes, floods, severe weather: It's shaping up to be another bad year on the natural disaster front, and that could place increased pressure on the U.S. insurance industry.

Making the Most of an Ecological Disaster

The Rocky Mountain West is trying to take a devastating insect infestation and turn it around to its economic advantage -- in fields as diverse as alternative energy and fine woodworking.

After Tornado, Victims Fear Insurers Will Spin Them

As the nation's insurance adjusters assess the damage of last weekend's deadly tornado, victims worry carriers may try to avoid covering claims related to the disaster. Insurers are including more exclusions in their policies and are low-balling the cost of repairs, critics say.