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9 Ways the Sequester Will Affect You

The sequester will be tough on government employees, and on those whose jobs are directly supported by them. But even if you don't run a Jiffy Lube across the street from a military base, you still need to be prepared. Here's are eight unexpected ways the sequester will likely touch your life.

The Weirdest Things Your Taxes Pay For

Sen. Tom Coburn has released his Wastebook 2012, a look at over $18 billion in projects that are bizarre and hard to justify. Admittedly, that's just a drop in the federal budget. But ... Thoreau-based video games? Robot squirrels?! Take a peek at our gallery of weird government expenditures.

Cell Phone Radiation Temporarily Affects the Brain

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association says cell phone use causes changes in brain chemistry near the phone antenna. However, the researchers cautioned it was too early to determine whether these changes are harmful.

Found: Antibodies That Can Stop Most Strains of AIDS

The NIH says the two naturally occurring, powerful antibodies came an HIV-infected individual. Scientists found these antibodies not only neutralize more HIV strains, but do so with greater strength than previously known antibodies.

NIH Report on Alzheimer's: There's Nothing You Can Do

The National Institutes of Health delivered a disturbingly negative message this week: None of the methods used to prevent, delay or reduce the severity of Alzheimer's disease have been shown to work. Quite simply, mental stimulation, exercise, diets and dietary supplements accomplish nothing.

Will Texting Make You Blind?

If the economic meltdown, the disappearance of disposable income and the return of frugality weren't hard enough on consumer electronics companies, it looks like the industry is facing a new problem: Using its products may lead to nearsightedness.