'Undercover Boss': TV Program or Infomercial?

The most recent episode of Undercover Boss featured the chief marketing officer of NASCAR, Steve Phelps. While the show stuck to the tried and true for the series, with the usual run of struggles and triumphs, it's worth wondering what the company got out of the deal.

Can the Next Undercover Boss Help Nascar Refuel?

A NASCAR executive will see exactly where the rubber meets the road on the next Undercover Boss Sunday night. But unlike past execs featured on the hit series, the honcho learning lessons at the bottom this time won't be the CEO sitting at the top.

Daily Blogwatch: Who Owns America's Debt?

Among today's top online stories for investors are what the presidential election cycle means for stocks, a stunning chart on who owns America's debt, a great perspective on the unemployment rate, and James Altucher's one piece of advice for all investors.