MySpace Co-President Hirschhorn Resigns

MySpace co-President Jason Hirschhorn has resigned. This is the second change at the top in less than six months at the struggling social network owned by News Corp.

MySpace Traffic May Be Lower Than We Thought

Things may be even worse than they seemed at News Corp.'s foundering social-media network MySpace, whose online press kit boasts it has 100 million active users -- but who may be much closer in number to 18 million, and falling fast.

Can Real-Time Web Lead To Real Returns for Investors?

The purchase of investment blog Abnormal Returns by Twitter-like Stocktwits may signal a new trend in online finance: It's called the real-time Web. Investors can get an instant snapshot of the sentiment of other investing pros by joining an immediate and constant online conversion.

Social Media Sells Out and Becomes Social Marketing

Though promotional saturation can be the kiss of death for social media platforms, marketers can't resist them. And whether they want to admit it or not, social media sites need the marketers. This week, two top sites -- LinkedIn and Twitter -- are putting their days of purity in the past and offering new tools that meet the needs of corporate marketing departments.

Is the taxman Facebook-stalking you?

Just when you thought the only people you had to worry about offending with your Facebook profile were prospective employers, parents, and creepy...