Legal Briefing: Music Publishers Pile on LimeWire

LimeWire, a peer-to-peer file sharing network that was recently found liable to recording artists for massive copyright piracy faces an additional threat to its existence: Music publishers are suing it too, alleging the same piracy.

ABCs of Antitrust: Why Apple Should Study Intel

You might think that Intel's antitrust woes, which began with a complaint from rival AMD in 2005 and continue to this day, would have taught companies to be cautious about potentially exclusionary conduct. Is Apple doomed to repeat the lesson?

What's 'American Idol' Without Simon Cowell?

American Idol won't be the same without Simon Cowell, the co-founder and judge who won attention for delivering insulting comments to contestants. His last appearance on the show tonight could mark the beginning of the end for Fox's juggernaut, insiders say.

Happy Exile on Main Street Reissue Day!

As Mick Jagger has famously noted, you can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, or, alternately, wait close to four decades, you'll get what you need, particularly if what you need is a reissue of the enigmatic, once polarizing, now almost universally embraced Rolling Stones masterpiece Exile on Main Street. And if you were also hoping for an attendant, full-court media press to mark the occasion, well, you will most certainly get what you crave.

Growth Matters: Watch Out iTunes, HMV Is Coming Back

U.K. entertainment retailer HMV has seen its shares fall 40% in the last year. But with growing market share, recent acquisitions and a plan to cut costs, the company has used the recession to launch a turnaround. Will the growth make HMV a buy?

Songs to get your finances on track

Katy Perry just might be onto something. Not only does the pop starlet have a string of hits, but it seems she's figured out one of the keys to...

Dark Side of the Download: Pink Floyd Wins Ruling

Pink Floyd won a key ruling against EMI Thursday that could end the sale of its single tracks online -- but the record label immediately disputed the verdict. The court ruling was seen as a win for artist control against record labels at a time of wrenching change in the recording industry.

Why the iPhone needs competition

Traditionally, when you went to purchase a cell phone you had a few features to compare but it all boiled down to the price of the phone, price of...