Growth Matters: Watch Out iTunes, HMV Is Coming Back

U.K. entertainment retailer HMV has seen its shares fall 40% in the last year. But with growing market share, recent acquisitions and a plan to cut costs, the company has used the recession to launch a turnaround. Will the growth make HMV a buy?

Songs to get your finances on track

Katy Perry just might be onto something. Not only does the pop starlet have a string of hits, but it seems she's figured out one of the keys to...

Dark Side of the Download: Pink Floyd Wins Ruling

Pink Floyd won a key ruling against EMI Thursday that could end the sale of its single tracks online -- but the record label immediately disputed the verdict. The court ruling was seen as a win for artist control against record labels at a time of wrenching change in the recording industry.

Why the iPhone needs competition

Traditionally, when you went to purchase a cell phone you had a few features to compare but it all boiled down to the price of the phone, price of...

SwapTree: simple, easy online trading

If you're anything like the average consumer you have shelves full of used media; books, games, movies, and music.

It's possible that your collection...