Intel Signs Black Eyed Peas' to Boost Creativity

The world's largest chipmaker is looking to promote its technology products through a new association with the seven-time Grammy Award winner. Says "When I see an Intel chip, I think of all the creative minds involved that help to amplify my own creativity."

John Lennon Lyrics to Fetch $553,000 at Auction

Handwritten lyrics scribbled by John Lennon on the back of a phone bill are expected to sell for 350, 000 pounds ($553,000) at auction. Lennon scrawled some lyrics for "I%u2019m Only Sleeping" on the back of a letter demanding overdue payment for his radiophone, an early car phone, The Guardian reported.

EMI May Attract Takeover Bids

EMI Group, owner of the rights to songs by bands including the Beatles, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple, may attract takeover bids as pressure mounts for the company to sell assets. Warner Music Group and BMG Rights have both previously expressed an interest in buying EMI%u2019s publishing assets, Bloomberg News said. BMG, a music-rights company, said it%u2019s interested in EMI%u2019s catalog.

18 alternate uses for CDs

CDsIf you like music, or had an address in the late '90's, you probably have a collection of old CD's sitting unappreciated and unused in a corner of...

The Business of Hip Hop: Brand Masters Bring in the Cash

For many rap and hip-hop artists, behind all the trash talk and posturing, it's all about business. Forbes recently released its Hip Hop Cash Kings list, and the 20 big names on it racked up a total of about $300 million, despite the weak economy and the Internet revolution that is killing the CD business.

Jay-Z Captures Hip-Hop's Cash Crown

Hip-hop pays well, very well, at least for Jay-Z. Forbes reports Jay-Z racked up $63 million in the past year -- owing about $22 million in taxes.

Beatles Won't Be on iTunes in Near Future - Yoko Ono

The music of the Beatles won%u2019t be on iTunes or other Internet outlets in the near future, according to John Lennon%u2019s widow Yoko Ono. Apple Corps, the Beatles%u2019 holding company, has not managed to agree on terms with EMI Group, the company that licenses the group%u2019s recordings, Reuters reported.

Will TV Shows Help Save the Music Industry?

Increasingly, television shows such as Gossip Girl, America's Next Top Model and Pretty Little Liars are incorporating recording artists' songs into their scenes and then featuring them in online play lists. It may seem like a minor promotion to viewers, but the results have been nothing short of astounding for some bands.

Men at Work must pay for copied riff

Colin Hay former Men at Work singerThe distinctive flute riff in the band Men at Work's biggest hit, "Down Under," will cost the Australian musicians 5% of its royalties earned since...

Legal Briefing: Music Publishers Pile on LimeWire

LimeWire, a peer-to-peer file sharing network that was recently found liable to recording artists for massive copyright piracy faces an additional threat to its existence: Music publishers are suing it too, alleging the same piracy.

ABCs of Antitrust: Why Apple Should Study Intel

You might think that Intel's antitrust woes, which began with a complaint from rival AMD in 2005 and continue to this day, would have taught companies to be cautious about potentially exclusionary conduct. Is Apple doomed to repeat the lesson?

What's 'American Idol' Without Simon Cowell?

American Idol won't be the same without Simon Cowell, the co-founder and judge who won attention for delivering insulting comments to contestants. His last appearance on the show tonight could mark the beginning of the end for Fox's juggernaut, insiders say.

Happy Exile on Main Street Reissue Day!

As Mick Jagger has famously noted, you can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, or, alternately, wait close to four decades, you'll get what you need, particularly if what you need is a reissue of the enigmatic, once polarizing, now almost universally embraced Rolling Stones masterpiece Exile on Main Street. And if you were also hoping for an attendant, full-court media press to mark the occasion, well, you will most certainly get what you crave.