10 Most Popular U.S. Summer Vacation Cities

When it's time for some R&R in the sun, Americans have a wealth of options. But based on summertime hotel room rentals, which one takes the crown? Orlando with its theme parks? New York with its culture? Washington with it's history? L.A. with its beaches? None of the above. Curious? Read on ...

The Secret to a Successful Staycation

The sluggish economy and high unemployment rate mean that many of us won't be splurging on exotic vacations this year. But a staycation doesn't have to mean a boring bout with cabin fever. The key to being a successful local tourist lies in looking at your region the way an outsider would.

Qatar May Bid for Christie's Auction House

Qatar is interested in purchasing world-famous auction house Christie%u2019s. "We are building a museum and it [Christie%u2019s] has links with the stuff we are collecting for our museum," Emir Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani told The Financial Times. "It depends on the opportunity - if we had a good opportunity we would not hesitate."

Thieves Pinch Ancient Gold Bar From Florida Museum

Two thieves broke into a display case in a Florida museum and pinched a gold bar recovered from a shipwrecked Spanish galleon. The bar%u2019s worth is estimated at $550,000. Police say security footage shows two suspects break into the case in the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum in Key West at about 5.15pm on Wednesday, The Associated Press reported.

10 memberships worth the money

Membership has its privileges, the question is -- are they worth it? Unequivocally, the answer is a resounding ... maybe! Ultimately, the value of...

Free museum days by city

A friend just shared a super cool website with me called It shows which museums are free on what days and it covers six major...