The Hidden Costs of Moving

Charlie Neibergall/APTransporting your belongings can cost far more than you anticipated. By Geoff Williams Are you figuring out the costs of...

7 Reasons Not to Move in Retirement

It might seem fun to move to a new place in retirement, but there are also many drawbacks of moving away from your friends, family and support system.

3 Questions to Ask About Money Before Moving In Together

Whether you're moving in with a roommate or a romantic partner, combining households means combining finances. From who pays for what to how you'll save, here are three things to consider before you start packing those boxes.

Best Cities for New College Grads to Launch Their Lives

As summer's end nears, many of this spring's college graduates are finding they still have no jobs, no apartments, and no obvious prospects. One potential Plan B is relocating, and the fourth annual Top 10 Best Cities for Recent College Graduates survey has some suggestions of where they might go.

Thinking Outside the Cardboard Box to Simplify Moving

It's just one of many inconveniences associated with moving -- finding or buying enough cardboard boxes. But new businesses are popping up to make that traditional solution obsolete. Instead, they rent reusable plastic bins that offer a low-priced, environmentally-sound alternative.

How to Avoid Moving Scams

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 37 million Americans -- some 13 percent of the population -- move each year, and thousands of them end...

How to Tell When the Moving Man Is Really a Con Man

You may like the idea of a new house, but the process of moving is rarely fun for anyone. Still, an estimated 37 million Americans move each year, and a third will do so between Memorial Day and Labor Day. But moving can be more than a logistical hassle: It you're not careful, you could get bamboozled in a big way.

Save Money and Time By Slimming Down Your Life

As experts often note, there are several health problems associated with clutter and mess. Severe hoarders may even struggle to deal with rats, roaches and other vermin. But even apart from these miseries, there are more reasons for decluttering your life than just finding the floor.

Save money in your new 'hood

Boxes, movers, tape -- you've paid a pretty penny to get into your new home or apartment. Now what about saving money in your new neighborhood? I...

Paypal wants you to Do Stuff For Money

Sometimes when you need to get something done, asking just won't cut it. As a company that moves around plenty of money, Paypal may know this better...

Millionaires stay put

Neal Templin's Cheapskate column in today's Wall Street Journal (subscription required), is a reminder that restlessness -- and the cost of...