The Plot Thickens: Netflix Users Angered By Latest Digital Twist

Netflix angered customers this week by removing the option to order DVDs via videostreaming consoles and mobile devices. The news that it was eliminating the "Add to DVD Queue" button in order to focus more on streaming videos has drawn thousands of comments, many critical of the company.

The Company Men: Will Anyone Sympathize WIth Laid-Off Executives?

The Weinstein Company's soon-to-be-released drama The Company Men is the story of three corporate executives who are downsized as victims of the beaten-down economy. It has a top-flight cast and director, but is America ready to show cinematic sympathy to the villains of the Great Recession?

Facebook, the Movie:
The Geek as Arch-Villain

Leave it to Hollywood to portray a college-age computer geek as an uber-villain. But that seems to be the intended effect of the newly released trailer for the upcoming movie, "The Social Network," which tells the story of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook.

DVD pricing gets all shook up

Rent or buy? For a lot of home movie viewers the answer depends on the film, but studios and rental outlets may decide for you as each struggles to...