The 7 Deadly Hobbies: Pastimes Your Insurer Hates

Some people take fun to the extreme, engaging in pastimes that put their health -- and even their lives -- at risk. Insurance companies refer to such activities as "hazardous vocations," and charge higher premiums to those who engage in them. One way or another, these hobbies will cost you.

How to Go Farther on Less Fuel

Two weeks ago, DailyFinance asked our readers for their advice on how to save money at the pump. In the more than 1,500 responses that followed, we found a lot of creative solutions. Today, we look at maintenance and new-vehicle options that will help you go farther on less fuel.

Harley-Davidson Earnings Rise Over Threefold on Financial Services

Harley-Davison, Inc (HOG) said second-quarter earnings rose more than threefold on a strong performance from its financial-services unit. Earnings per share from continuing operations was 59 cents in the second quarter, compared with 14 cents in the second quarter of 2009, the company said in a statement. Net income from continuing operations rose to $139.3 million, from $33.4 million a year ago.

Harley's Earnings Estimates Are All Over the Map

Analysts forecasts for Harley-Davidson range from 26 cents per share to 56 cents. However, if the actual figure is anywhere within that range, it will be a marked improvement over last year's earnings of 8 cents per share in the same quarter.

Will KKR Take Harley-Davidson for a Ride?

Speculation that Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Co. might buy Harley-Davidson is driving share prices up. But will Harley devotees be happy with the changes that might result if the deal goes through?

Gas prices make some people go mad...

Today I was reading my favorite part of the local paper, the public record section which lists all the police call outs and responses. As usual, it...

Bombardier builds a better motorcycle

For those of you who yearn for the freedom of the open road but are dissuaded by motorcycle's inherent 2-wheel instability, Bombardier's latest may...