mortgage fraud

Foreclosure Mess Puts Freeze on Housing Market

A massive loss of confidence in the foundations of property rights and rule of law has occurred. And this loss is having a devastating impact on the housing market, effectively locking up all those foreclosed homes that need to be sold. How can the economy heal while this goes on?

Robo-Signing: Class Actions Raise More Troubling Questions

Lender Processing Services plays a key role in the mortgage foreclosure process as a go-between for banks and lawyers handling foreclosures. But two class actions challenge how LPS and a similar firm do business. At stake: Potentially billions of dollars in attorney's fees.

Judge Keeps Heat on KBR, Halliburton Over Toxic Burn Pits

Halliburton and Kellogg, Brown and Root violated their contracts to safely dispose of waste in combat zones, and the toxins their burn pits released allegedly caused serious illnesses in U.S. soldiers. But will extenuating circumstances allow the military contractors to avoid punishment?

Mortgage fraud reports up 26% in 2008

A new study released by the Mortgage Asset Research Institute found that reports of mortgage fraud rose 26% in 2008, even as loan dollar volume fell...

FBI reports housing scams on the rise

As more and more people become desperate to find some way to keep their homes, they turn to "foreclosure rescue" experts and other scam artists, when...