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Time is Running Out: Bid on Lunch With Financial Titans

Maybe, like so many Americans, you have lately found yourself awake at night, plagued by big questions about the economy: Will Europe ever emerge from its debt crisis? Is the stock market rigged against individual investors? Why the heck did I take out those double-digit student loans for that graduate degree I'm not even using? Grabbing lunch with some of the nation's top financial minds would be an ideal way to get answers. If you've got the cash to pick up the tab, get our your calendar. And quick -- the bidding closes today.

U.S. News Magazine Exits the Print Business

US News is not for sale. Wealthy owner Mort Zuckerman wants to keep the magazine, he just does not want to print it, so the publication will go completely online next year. December will be the magazine's last issue.

Could Zuckerman Get Murdoch's OK for Senate?

Mort Zuckerman would like to have more say in government. Rupert Murdoch would like to stop losing money on the New York Post. Their problems may have a common solution. Could selling his fellow mogul the Daily News garner Zuckerman Murdoch's backing for a bid for a U.S. Senate seat?

Prediction: Murdoch buys NY Daily News

Everyone wants to know when Rupert Murdoch is going to make his long-dreamed-about play for The New York Times. Murdoch himself denies he's plotting...