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Teens Reveal the Craziest Things They've Done to Save Money

The two companies have launched a quirky new campaign to get teens motivated to save more and spend less. At its center is a simple, teen-friendly challenge titled: "The Craziest Thing I Did To Save Money." We've got some of the best responses from those submitted so far.

To Save Money Shopping Online, Play Hard to Get

If you shop online, chances are you've left a few full shopping carts at the checkout altar. To combat that, some e-commerce sites are starting to follow up on those almost-sales with emails -- and offers of better deals.

How to Save Money at Summer Music Festivals

Summer music festivals offer a fun way to hear the country's best bands, but between tickets, travel, food and accommodations, they aren't cheap. So we asked directors and promoters of some of the summer's top events for their favorite penny-pinching tips for festival-goers.