AT&T Dials In a Strong Third Quarter for Sales

AT&T posted strong third-quarter sales on the back of iPhone 4 transactions, exceeding Wall Street's revenue expectations and hitting its mark for earnings. The telecom said it activated 5.2 million iPhones during the period, the most in a quarter yet.

Samsung Shares Fall on Gloomy Forecast

Samsung Electronics shares fell 2.5% to 773,000 won each, fueling declines in other Asian technology stocks, after the company forecast its third-quarter profit will fall from the second quarter's record high.

Motorola Joins
the Patent Wars,
Suing Apple

No less than four major mobile companies -- Apple, HTC, Microsoft and now Motorola -- are currently suing each other over cell-phone technology. At issue is the intellectual property that underlies several popular mobile devices.

Mobile Apps Hold Promise for Ad Revenues, Profit

Americans' thirst for more applications for their hand-held devices will overcome any resistance they have to mobile advertisements, creating a profit opportunity for both applications publishers and operating-system owners, according to two separate reports published this week.

The Best Brokers For Mobile Investors

What are the best brokerages for mobile investors? The industry advisory firm Corporate Insight surveyed the mobile trading features of 21 brokerages, looking at a variety of platforms and loads of other features. See what firms come out on top.

Intel Prepares Offer to Buy Infineon Wireless

Intel is nearing a bid to buy Infineon Technologies' wireless unit, a move that would give it an instant presence in the smartphone market. The world's top chipmaker will reportedly offer $1.91 billion for the unit, which supplies chips for both Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy S.

Looking for a Savvy Smartphone Pick? Dial Marvell Technology

The reason Marvell could be a good bet now: Its chipsets are favored components in practically all mobile handsets and other hand-held consumer electronics, including RIM's BlackBerry, Apple's iPhone and iPad, Amazon's Kindle and other devices.

Synchronoss Acquires Mobile Software Firm FusionOne

FusionOne, a top provider of backup and synchronization software for mobile devices, is being purchased by Synchronoss Technologies for $40 million. It's a great deal for Synchronoss -- not so good for the venture capital investors who poured $140 million into FusionOne.

The Coming Boom in Videoconferencing Technology

The concept of the videophone is nearly as old as the phone itself, and prototypes predate the Beatles by many decades. But while other new modes of communication, from email to instant messaging to cell phones have been adopted at astonishing rates, video has lagged -- until now.