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Will Verizon Charge Extra for Faster Wireless Data Speeds?

Verizon is considering expanding its wireless data pricing plans to include rates based on the speed at which data is delivered -- potentially adding yet another layer of complexity to the rapidly evolving systems by which customers are charged for consuming mobile data.

Rumor or Not, Microsoft Should Buy Adobe

Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer's not-so-secret meeting with Abode CEO Shantanu Narayen to discuss a joint battle strategy against Apple raised the tantalizing possibility of an Adobe buyout. That deal wouldn't just be good for Microsoft, it would be good for the future of the Web overall.

Despite a Mobile Boom, Motricity's IPO Gets Investor Static

Consumers are snapping up smart phones like the iPhone 4 and various Android handsets. But the enthusiasm didn't reach Motricity's IPO. A top mobile data player, the company has a robust growth outlook, despite investors' tepid response.