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SoftBank Sweetens Offer for Sprint

Japan-based SoftBank has increased its offer for wireless carrier Sprint, offering $21.6 billion to help counter an unsolicited bid from Dish Network.

Nokia in Cell-Phone Talks with Microsoft and Google

When Nokia's CEO presents the company's strategy to investors in London on Friday, it could announce plans to use an outside operating system -- namely, Microsoft's , Google's or both, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

Verizon iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Flow in, With a Minor Glitch

They've waited years for this. Today, Verizon customers were able to pre-order their iPhone 4s. The phones should arrive on or before Feb. 10. So far, the supply is holding up, though some frustrated customers were greeted with an error message.

Android Takes the Lead in Smartphone OS Market Share

Handsets based on Google's Android-based handsets accounted for 32.9% of worldwide smartphone shipments in the fourth quarter, compared with Symbian's 30.6% market share, according to a new report from market researcher Canalys. Apple's iOS was a distant third, with 16%.

Should Verizon Customers Hold Out for the Apple iPhone 5?

Verizon customers will likely flock to the Apple iPhone 4 when the largest U.S. carrier starts selling it in February. But many industry-watchers expect an iPhone 5 a few months later. And that could create a quandary for folks on the fence about their next smartphone move.

It's Official: Verizon Wireless's iPhone 4 Arrives in February

At last, a Verizon iPhone. Verizon Wireless made its long-awaited announcement Tuesday, ending years of speculation over when it would carry Apple's world-beating smartphone on its CDMA network. Worth noting: It'll come with an unlimited data plan for $29.99 a month.

Trouble Calling: Nokia Delays Another Handset

Nokia has announced that its high-end flagship E7 smartphone will miss the 2010 holiday season. Without explaining what the exact problem was, a spokesperson says Nokia wants to "allow the best possible user experience." Making sure the phone works is a good start.

Google Tries Redialing the Smartphone Handset Market

After quickly failing with its Nexus 1 smartphone, Google is back with a Samsung-made device. This time, though, it'll depend on Best Buy to deal with customers, set up contracts and attend to all the other details that tripped up Google's first attempt.

Vodafone Ordered to Pay $554 Million Deposit to Indian Court

Vodafone Group (VOD) was ordered by an Indian court to put up a deposit of 25 billion rupees ($554 million) while it challenges an Indian tax bill. Vodafone, the world%u2019s largest mobile-phone company, has to set aside 25 billion rupees with the court within three weeks and submit bank guarantees for 85 billion rupees within eight weeks, Bloomberg News said.

Android OS Gains in Smartphone Race as All Others Slip

Apple's iPhone operating system software stumbled in the third quarter, losing year-over-year quarterly market share for the first time, as Google's Android mobile operating system pulled further ahead, according to a Gartner Research report released Wednesday.

Goodbye BlackBerry, Hello iPhone

Employees who are tried of carrying both a company issued BlackBerry and a personal smart phone are pushing their employers to allow their personal devices onto corporate networks. Unfortunately for Research In Motion, employers seem to be listening.

Verizon Fined $25 Million by FCC for Data Download Overcharges

Verizon was today fined a record $25 million by the Federal Communications Commission and agreed to refund an additional $52.8 million to customers to settle allegations that the largest U.S. mobile-phone company overcharged customers for data fees.

A Busy Selling Season Ahead for Motorola's Sanjay Jah

Co-CEO Jha not only has to persuade consumers to buy the new smartphones he just unveiled. He also has to convince investors to buy Motorola stock as it prepares to divide into two companies, Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions. He'll be CEO of Motorola Mobility.

Sprint Offers Pre-Packaged Android App Sets

Sprint's three new phones will carry a new feature, Sprint ID, which allows users to download pre-packaged sets of Android apps without having to sift through the entire array of Android apps.

Nokia's iPhone Foe, the N8 Smartphone, Finally Hits Stores

Nokia released its long-awaited and previously delayed flagship N8 smartphone on Thursday. With the ability to run multiple applications at once and a 12 megapixel camera that shoots HD-quality videos, the device is intended to by Nokia's answer to Apple's iPhone.

Stephen Elop May Not Be the Right CEO to Revive Nokia

Nokia announced that it had chosen Stephen Elop to become its next CEO. But Nokia has seen its market share fall from 50% to 32% during the past three years, and Elop takes the job with virtually no experience in handsets, turnarounds, or meaningful innovation.

Most outrageous fees

When most people think of outrageous fees, they often think of airlines, which have become pros at conjuring up fees for every aspect of the flight...

Nokia Siemens to Buy Motorola Unit for $1.2 Billion

Nokia Siemens Networks plans to buy a significant portion of Motorola's wireless network equipment assets for $1.2 billion cash, the companies announced Monday. The joint-venture of Nokia (NOK) and Siemens (SI) will push the venture into the No. 1 spot in the U.S. for wireless equipment companies and give Motorola's (MOT) effort to split into two companies a strong head start.

Now, Anyone Can Be an Android App Developer

Google's App Inventor for Android offers blocks of software that perform different functions and allows ordinary folks -- no programming requiried -- to drag and drop the pieces together. It's like putting together a meal from a selection of frozen foods.