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Walmart's Mobile Payment Test: Checking Out 'Scan and Go'

Walmart is testing a new mobile checkout system. With Scan and Go, customers will be able to scan items with their smartphones as they shop, then pay quickly at kiosks, skipping the checkout line. But the program could be less about making it easier for shoppers to pay, and more about getting you to spend more.

AmEx Debuts Mobile Payment System

We told you last month how Visa plans to roll out a system that would let people pay each other without cash or checks by using their cell phones....

Starbucks Rolls Out Smartphone Payment System

Starbucks (SBUX) today announced that customers in U.S. stores will be able to pay for purchases using their smartphones. Customers will be able to make purchases by downloading the Starbucks Card Mobile App to their phone and scanning an on-screen barcode at a scanning device in the store, Starbucks said today.