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Pandora Mobilizes to Lead the Music Industry

Internet radio pioneer Pandora Media continues to make big strides in popularizing streaming audio. Revenue in its latest quarter skyrocketed 51%, in large part due to its success at making money in mobile.

Mobile Ads Can Hijack Your Phone and Steal Your Contacts

Those pesky pop-up ads from the '90s are back, but this time they're holding your smartphone hostage. Tens of thousands of smartphone apps are running ads from rogue advertising networks that change smartphone settings and take contact information without permission.

Is Twitter Worth $3.7 Billion? Not in the Real World

That's the value a $200 million venture investment led by Kleiner Perkins this week implies. But that means Twitter, still lacking a viable business plan, would have a price-to-sales ratio of 840 compared to Facebook's 26 -- or Google's 8.7. And Twitter's growth may be stalling.

Tech Take: Feds Eye Apple's New iPhone Ad Rules

Federal regulators are looking at Apple's (AAPL) decision to bar some mobile advertising companies -- including Google (GOOG) -- from selling ads on the iPhone, according to the Financial Times.

Google Is Roaring Mad About Apple's New iPhone Rules

Google says Apple's new iPhone advertising policies will prevent developers from using AdMob, the mobile ad company Google recently bought for $750 million. AdMob's Omar Hamoui says Google will "be speaking to Apple to express our concerns about the impact of these terms."

Google Says AdMob Deal Won't Hurt Competition

Google fired back at two consumer groups that asked federal regulators to block its purchase $750 million purchase of mobile ad firm AdMob. The search giant says the deal won't dampen competition and besides, its rivals have already done similar deals.