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Mobile Ads Can Hijack Your Phone and Steal Your Contacts

Those pesky pop-up ads from the '90s are back, but this time they're holding your smartphone hostage. Tens of thousands of smartphone apps are running ads from rogue advertising networks that change smartphone settings and take contact information without permission.

Apple's Mobile Ad Push Could Help Google

Apple's move into mobile advertising, with the introduction of its iAd system for developers last week, may help boost rival Google to the top of the mobile ad market -- by depriving U.S. regulators of a reason to block the search giant's purchase of leading advertiser AdMob.

Apple Declares War on Google Over Mobile Ads

Apple declared war on Google's mobile advertising ambitions Thursday in the latest sign that the increasingly bitter rivalry between the tech giants is intensifying. During an iPhone product update, Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the iAds system to help developers sell ads on apps on Apple products including iPhones and iPads.