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New Credit Card Gives Cash Back for Paying Your Bill

The BankAmericard Better Balance Rewards card, a new credit card from Bank of America, will pay you to repay them: It offers cash rewards of up to $120 a year to cardholders who pay off more than the minimum balance every month.

The Most Costly Mistake You Can Make With Your Bank Account

There's nothing more expensive than spending money you don't have. That, of course, is a lesson you might learn the hard way if you carry a balance on a high-interest credit card. But spending beyond your means can be a pricey proposition even with a debit card.

Confessions of a Debt Wimp: My First Credit Card

Not long ago, DailyFinance's Hugh Collins -- a 28-year-old, Belfast-born U.S. resident -- had yet to experience a truly American phenomenon: owning a credit card. Once he finally secured one, though, he quickly discovered the immense power, allure -- and danger -- of plastic.