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How You Can Attend Your Own Funeral

Here's how to speak your mind from beyond the grave -- and how else holographic technology is moving from science fiction into everyday life (and death).

Celebrity Memorabilia Takes a Starring Role Again

Showbiz memorabilia had its closeup in the past few weeks, with items made famous by Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson and Judy Garland fetching an over-the-rainbow prices at auction. Why are people compelled to buy these items, and who's drawing the biggest bucks? Read on...

Michael Jackson's Archive Is a Risk for Sony

Sony's announced agreement to buy Michael Jackson's catalog is a good bet, but still a bet -- that Jackson's durability as an idol will outweigh fans' skepticism for buying 10 more albums' worth of songs that the even King of Pop himself might not have released.

New Michael Jackson song debuts online

Well, that didn't take long: The King of Pop has been gone for less than four months, and an unreleased Michael Jackson track is already available...